Khatriji Mobile Radiation Protection Chip

Khatriji Mobile Radiation Protection Chip is a solution that is developed after going through extensive scientific research. Base of the chip is made up of neodymium metal coating that acts as a shield to protect against the harmful radiation.
Khatriji Mobile Radiation Protection Chip is your safeguard against the harmful radiation from Mobile Phones and Tablet. Prolonged exposure to these devices can be a serious health hazard and may cause Risk to your Heart, Lower Sperm Count, Risk to Children, Headaches, Dizziness, Nausea, Brain Tumor, Cancer and many more unknown diseases. Do you know that when you have less number of signal bars on your phone, it emits more radiation. This chip • Neutralizes the harmful effects of radiation produced from Mobile Phones, Tablet by changing its wave nature • Reduces the stress level in the human body & increase immunity.
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