Broadband Bill Payment

Your service provider will take two working days to consider bill paid in their accounts.

Broadband Online Bill Payment with Khatriji

As the name suggests, broadband internet service is the wide bandwidth data transmission that transports various signals and traffic types. Thus, broadband internet service is a widely used form of internet access due to its high access speed. The broadband once installed, the connection is always on and the connection is maintained with the use of the DSL modem. The multiple devices can be accessed with this broadband service. All your daily official or internet work becomes easier and faster due to this broadband. But this scenario worsens, when you forget to pay the bill on time or the deadline is near. Now, you fear the bill payment line at the shop, standing and waiting is never fun task…But gone are the days when you have to worry about all this. Khatriji is the medium to pay your broadband bills online.

Khatriji is a reliable platform for Broadband Bill Payment. Khatriji allows its users to do their broadband payment online. It provides services for Airtel, BSNL, MTNL, Tata Docomo and other operators. The user can pay the broadband bill via Khatriji wallet or directly through Visa Card, Master Card and Net banking as per the convenience from anywhere.

Given below are the steps to your Broadband Bill online through Khatriji:
  1. Select your Operator.
  2. Enter your Telephone Number.
  3. Write in your bill amount.
  4. Finally click “Proceed to Pay Bill”.
  5. The new page will be opened, wherein you can write your gift card number and then apply.
  6. If you have not yet logged in then press “Login to Proceed Transaction”, mention the username and password, then click “Proceed for Payment”.
  7. Skip the above step if you are already logged in, then just press “Proceed for Payment” button. You can also use your Khatriji wallet amount for the same.
  8. Now, your online broadband bill payment is now done.

Downloading and internet browsing is now faster and has also become cheaper after the use of broadband. Users can make their broadband bills payment online through the Khatriji wallet instead of reaching the nearest service provider and earn the benefit of broadband utility.

The broadband bill payment offers will be provided to the user only if decided by the company or the operator.

Easy way to pay your broadband bill online

Khatriji is a single point of contact for broadband bill payment online. Khatriji allows the consumers to pay Airtel Broadband, MTNL Delhi Broadband, Tata Docomo Services, BSNL Broadband, Connect Broadband bills online. Khatriji gives complete security of user’s data like email id, passwords, debit card number, credit card number, date of birth. It is a one-stop platform to offer multiple payment options such as Net banking, Visa Card, Master Card. All the transactions will be processed through the gateways of the chosen bank or banks to ensure maximum security.

1. How long does it take for the broadband bill Payment to be done from Khatriji?

Khatriji allows instant broadband bill payment. All one has to do is follow the broadband bill payment process.

2. How many operators does Khatriji support for the Broadband Bill Payment?

Khatriji provides services for companies like Airtel, BSNL, MTNL, Tata Docomo etc.

3. What all utility bill payments are provided by Khatriji?

Khatriji offers an online bill payment facility for Broadband, Landline, Electricity and Gas bills.