DTH Recharge

Online DTH Recharge - Enjoy viewing television in steady flow!!!!

In today’s time, DTH has become common in most of the homes and has replaced the local cable units across the country. Now, you become helpless when your DTH plan expires, especially when you are watching your favourite show. You try contacting your cable operator but all that seems in vain. You feel the day is almost wasted. At times, you are in the midst of something and you realize that your DTH recharge is about to get lapsed. You are running short of time to go to the cable operator, then all you need at this point of time to find the quickest and the easiest way to get your DTH recharge done soon.

Khatriji can assist you here.

To get seamless TV and get information about the best DTH plans, you now don’t have to rely on shops or operators to recharge your DTH services. You can easily get your DTH recharged online, without physically reaching the shop through Khatriji.

Khatriji provides online DTH recharge with its Website for Tata Sky, Videocon D2H, Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV, Sun Direct. It is one of the best Khatriji website through which you would be able to get your DTH recharge done anytime anywhere.

You can recharge DTH online through us and get the benefits of amazing DTH offers given by the operators by following just the simple steps mentioned below. You can also get cashback offer benefits after the recharge.

Steps to follow for Online DTH Recharge.
  1. Select your DTH operator and Card number.
  2. Enter the amount or View the new DTH recharge 2020 plans. Click “Proceed to Recharge”.
  3. You can write your gift card number and then Apply.
  4. If you have not yet logged in then click “Login to Proceed Transaction”, mention your user name and password, then click “Proceed for Payment”.
  5. Skip the above step if you are already logged in, then just press“ Proceed for Payment” button.
  6. You can use your Khatriji wallet amount if there is any, for recharge as well.
  7. Now your DTH recharge is done.

Enjoy the benefits of Cashback offer on DTH recharge

When you pay for the online DTH recharge, you tend to just pay and leave the page. But Khatriji has something to offer you here. Besides providing the best DTH recharge offers from the operators, Khatriji also gives amazing Cashback on DTH recharge.

The customer is offered cashback after his/her online DTH recharge is processed. The cashback will instantly get credited to the Khatriji user’s wallet. The users can make use of this cashback amount from their secure digital wallet for a wide range of Khatriji’s services. The services here include mobile recharges, bill payments, and even online shopping.

The add on advantage to get the DTH recharge done from Khatriji here is, the user gets cashback offers on each and every transaction. But the condition here is the user can get any cashback amount as decided by Khatriji.

Pay for your DTH recharge online

Despite DTH being present across the country, most DTH owners still prefer to recharge DTH through typical offline processing. This indeed results in the user’s wastage of time by standing in a queue to pay cash to shop owners and get the DTH recharged. But Khatriji provides service to online DTH recharge with fewer hazards from the tedious flow of offline DTH recharge.

Khatriji is an extremely secure medium, in addition to being an easy and convenient platform, both in terms of user privacy and completing online transactions for DTH recharge online. Khatriji gives complete security of user’s personal data like email id, passwords, debit card number, credit card number, date of birth. It is a one-stop platform to offer multiple payment options such as Net banking, Visa Card, Master Card. All the transactions will be processed through the gateways of the chosen bank or banks to ensure maximum security.

1. How can I recharge my DTH?

You can recharge your DTH from www.khatariji.in and follow the information provided on the website. Select your operator and type in your card number. View plans given by the operator or type in the amount for recharging. Proceed for the payment option.

2. Why should I choose Khatriji for DTH recharge?

If the user desires to make DTH recharge online with various DTH recharge plans, get exciting cashback offers at the same time, then Khatriji is the best platform to choose. Khatriji provides online DTH recharge for Tata Sky, Videocon D2H, Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV, Sun Direct.

Online DTH recharge is free

There is no transaction fee on Khatriji for the online DTH recharge.

Exciting plans & cashback offers

Khatriji is a one-stop solution for recharging and bill payments online. There are exciting plans offered by the operator which you can choose as per the requirement. Apart from that, the plans offered there are amazing cashback offers provided on each and every transaction in Khatriji.

Online DTH recharge is safe and secure

Recharges done through Khatriji are completely safe and secure. The entered details cannot be accessed by any other use.

3. Can I cancel my DTH orders?

No, a DTH recharge plan once put can't be dropped.

4. How long does it take to get the DTH recharge done?

Online DTH recharge from Khatrtiji will take no more than a few seconds after the transaction process. You will receive the message on your phone regarding the transaction.

5. How many operators does Khatriji support for DTH recharge?

Khatriji provides online DTH recharge for Tata Sky, Videocon D2H, Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV, Sun Direct.

6. What are the DTH recharge offers provided by Khatriji?

There are different plans offered by the service operators. You can view these DTH recharge plans prior to submitting your amount, choose the plan as per your needs and then proceed to pay.