Electricity Bill Payment

Your service provider will take two working days to consider bill paid in their accounts.

Electricity is an integral part of our lives. In today’s tech savvy world, electricity has been playing vital role in our everyday’s job. Paying electricity bill is a typical task like carving out our time from our busy schedule, physically reaching an outlet, standing in queue and much more-is just like a tiresome job to working person.

But with Khatriji, those hurdles can be eradicated. You can just pay online through an Mobile App or Website. This indeed, can help save your invaluable time and also payment can be done from anywhere, no need to bother ever if you are at office, family trip or at home. Khatriji provides a trusted online wallet that will make your electricity bill payments online at ease.

You just have to follow these simple steps for your Electricity Bill Payment:

1. Select your state

2. Select your Operator

3. Enter your Service Number

4. Enter the Amount

5. Click on Proceed to Pay Icon

6. Point to Remember : Your service provider will take two working days to consider bill paid in their accounts.

With Khatriji medium, user can pay the bill online and avail the benefit of best offers that comes along with payment. Khatriji provides instant cashback offer after the online payment is done. Users are also given the best offers with the facility like tree income, repurchase income, refer and earn to Khatriji.

Khatriji is a better source to pay your electricity bills online in much easier and faster way anytime from anywhere. All you have to do is to Just download Khatriji App or through Website and pay the bill online.

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